Monday, January 16, 2017

Pom du Jour

©A.K.Simon - Pom du Jour - 8" x 6" on aluminum panel


I'm on a pomegranate kick this month. They are quite the challenge and I've posed this one in every possible scenario. I've found it does help to keep with a series because it does keep me a little more focused and floundering less for a subject. 

So, I ran out of small panels and decided I would try the aluminum ones I've been hearing about. This is one. They are awesomely sturdy and just a little bit more expensive! You have the option of either applying a gesso or painting right on the metal (I gessoed mine a mid gray). This is the stuff they make signs out of so it's "gonna" last a loooooong time! If you like smooth surface this is for you. I happen to really like smooth surface but this doesn't move the way linen does so it will be an adjustment if I continue using them. I do like the way the paint just sits right up on the surface though. I got these from Jerry's Artarama  and they are called AlumaComp - the Dibond brand is harder to find. You can also adhere linen, cotton or paper right to the surface of these. The idea is that you're getting a panel that will last 100 years without warping or rotting.


  1. I did one yesterday (Day 15 Marty Shively #192) so I know the challenges. This one is Awesome - the whites came out especially well. I look forward to more!

    1. Thanks Marty, I checked out your blog and am in awe of your tenacity at getting something done every day. I have failed at that attempt. I especially like your Day 5, the hot chocolate.

  2. so special. that a great idea. thanks


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