Saturday, December 29, 2012

Scrambled Kind of a Morning

©A.K.SIMON - Scrambled Kind of a Morning - oil on linen - $100

We have open hours in our studio on Friday mornings and I was looking around for something to paint while I was there tending shop. I finally looked at some of the challenges that Dailypaintworks posts every week and came across this beautiful picture and challenge by Ann Feldman which was posted in February of 2012. That just happened to be the same month I joined the site. What is really ironic is that I eat two soft boiled eggs (the perfect protein) every morning from a ramekin just like this. So, here you have it. I really liked the challenge of white everything with a soft color background. The reference picture was absolutely perfect even if my picture of my painting isn't. My challenge to myself for 2013 is to get adept at photographing my own work! There are some beautiful aquas in this painting that aren't coming across just yet. I will update the picture tomorrow.

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