Friday, April 6, 2012

Not Forget Me Nots
Day 42

© A.K.SIMON Art - Not Forget Me Nots - oil on linen panel 6" x 6"


Just got back from Vegas so I'm jet-lagged and behind on my painting. What a fabulous fun trip and I enjoyed meeting many of my husband's colleagues for the first time. What a fun-loving group of people! I got to see the Monet exhibit at the Bellagio and some early work that I had never seen before really captured me.

How ironic that I forgot the name of these little purple flowers. They are not Forget Me Nots. I remember they start with a "B" but it is late at night and the name is just not coming to me. I do know they are often mistaken for Forget Me Nots. Again, there were other elements in the scene but I know now approximately how much I can accomplish in our "upstairs painters" sessions so I purposely choose objects to accommodate my limitations. One of the primary goals was to get the feeling of a stoneware glazed pot. The odd shape on the pot is a brownish glaze that ran down the side (I hope it reads that way). This work was started on an asphaltum primed (allowed to dry over several days) canvas. I really like asphaltum because of the transparency it lends - hope you've heard of it because almost nobody ever uses it in the classes I've taken.

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