Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Groovy Gerbera

©A.K.SIMON - Groovy Gerbera - oil on linen - $40

Another spring, neon pot holding a bright red flower. These colors are so retro I had to call it "groovy".  I painted two of these today and will show the other tomorrow. This work was a study in color juxtaposition, my favorite part is the upper left corner where the light purple and red meet. I find that a "good vibration" area.

A quick thank you note to all who have commented on my work and expressed your appreciation for my posting it regularly. This is a huge undertaking for me as it really pushes my to accomplish things at a much quicker pace. Also, welcome to all of you who have signed up to follow through google or e-mail - I am honored that you are interested!

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