Friday, March 30, 2012

Santa Fe Kitchen
Day 39

© A.K.SIMON - Santa Fe Kitchen - 6" x 6" - oil on linen panel

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This is a little "homey", herbacious scene set up by Donna in our  "Upstairs Painters" class. It was at a very weird angle for me so I probably should have moved my chair. I do love the colors of the Southwest and the beautiful glazed pottery in the set up. I was fortunate enough to visit Santa Fe a few years ago and was blown away by the reverence for art (and artists) they have in New Mexico (made it up to Taos too). I honestly think I could make a home in a city that has over 250 art galleries. I saw some of the most beautiful art I have ever seen there, including an original, life-size piece by Daniel Gerhartz and some original Calvin Liang plein air work. If you ever get the chance to see Santa Fe, don't hesitate to spend several days!

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