Thursday, March 29, 2012

Harmonious Scents
Day 38

© A.K.SIMON - Harmonious Scents - 6x6" - oil on linen panel

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Sorry I haven't posted in several days. However, I do continue to paint everyday it is just getting the time to photograph, fix in photoshop then post that seem to bog me down. Plus, I am preparing for an art stroll in my hometown and just finished a show at a local metro park. Then there is the fact that grass is growing at warp speed this season and I do all the mowing (I know, more excuses).

I am trying something new with some of my smaller still life paintings before I try using it on some larger landscape work. The main problem is the drying time between layers. I start with some light colors, add darks then let that dry. Then add more and more layers of light and dark sanding between and bringing things forward and pushing things back and leaving some areas untouched.  I really like the feel of this. It appears more dimensional almost like fabric (I'm thinking tapestry). I will have to experiment with different dryers in the paint though because it takes too long to get something done on a daily basis. If anyone knows of a dryer other than liquin that would work, please let me know. I really hardly ever use dryers so I have little knowledge of what works best.

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